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We have the unique ability to customize accessibility solutions for your home. Using metal ramps and interior modifications, you can have the freedom to live in your own home.  Now making homes accessible in the Greater Grand Rapids and Muskegon Areas.

Stay Mobile

Metal Ramps

Metal ramps are a wonderful option for home accessibility. They are safe, cost-effective, and great for both short and long term use! The low profile design maintains your home’s aesthetic integrity, without sacrificing quality.

Free Estimates

Don’t know what you need done? Schedule a free in-home safety assessment and we can show you ways we can make your home safer and more accessible!

Timely Installations

Our metal ramps have a quick install time. We can make your home accessible in less than two weeks!

Cost Savings

Options to rent or buy, and quick installation times, make metal ramps a cost savings over traditional custom wood ramps.



Bathroom accessibility looks a little different for everyone, which is why we customize a solution based on your needs and abilities. We will evaluate each component including the shower, tub, vanity, toilet, and everything in between to ensure you have complete freedom in your bathroom.  Want to know what an accessible bathroom could look like for you?  Call and schedule a free in-home safety assessment today!



The doorways in your home serve many functions. They are entries, exits, and means of privacy and safety.  When mobility is limited, doorways can become obstacles. Our expert team will widen your doorways so you can have more freedom and safety in your home. Call and schedule a free in-home safety assessment to see what doorway widening can look like for you!

Ready to get started? Schedule our free living-safe at home assessment.